How to change the font size of the formula bar and measures grid in SSDT for SSAS Tabular

When you create a new measures in SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT) for SSAS Tabular, you edit the formula in the top section of the user interface in a section called “formula bar”. The default font size for this formula bar is 8.


The small font size may be difficult to read for some people. The easiest and fastest way to change the font size is to click somewhere in the formula bar and use your mouse middle wheel while holding down the Control button on your keyboard. However, the font size will go back to the default size next time you open SSDT.

If you wish to change the font size permanently, you can use the Tools menu. Click on Tools –> Options –> Fonts and Colors –> Environment and choose “Business Intelligence Designers” from the drop down menu. Here you can change the font size. Your changes will not take effect until you restart SSDT.


The following pictures show my environment after I changed the formula bar’s font size to 10 and 14.

Font Size 10formula_bar_font_size_10

Font Size 14


Notice how the font size change affects the table results grid and the measures grid below as well. Also if you right click on any table name tab, the font size for the pop up menu has changed.


Font size 10 was the easiest to work with for me. It made the formula bar easier to read while it kept the rest of the environment at a good manageable size.

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  1. Unfortunately in Visual Studio Community 2017 (Version 15.9.0) this seems to change everything EXCEPT the font in the formula bar

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