Speaking at PASS Summit 2017

My session got selected for this year’s PASS Summit. I am beyond excited and happy! Thank you everyone in #SQLFamily for your support.

PASS_17_SpeakingSmall_250x250-AHere is my session:

Build a performance monitoring toolset for SSAS using PowerBI

Have you ever wanted to monitor the performance of a SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) server but did not want to create a tool from scratch and your company did not allow you to purchase one of the few commercial tools available?

Join me in this session as I show you how to use Windows Perfmon, SQL Server Extended Events, SSAS Tabular and Power BI Desktop to build a performance monitoring tool for a SSAS server.

We will start by reviewing some of the SSAS performance metrics you can collect. Then we will learn how to use Windows Perfmon and SQL Server Extended Events to collect performance counters and query execution information from a server and store it in a SQL Server database. Next we will use SSAS to build a Tabular model from the information collected. Finally, we will use Power BI Desktop to present this information.

3 thoughts on “Speaking at PASS Summit 2017

  1. Hi,
    I attended your sesssion at PASS, and really liked it!
    Do you have any timeframe for availability of slides and supporting material, really looking forward to dig into the setup.
    Thanks in advance

    1. Hi Rene, thank you for your feedback. The slides and sample code should be available from PASS web site. Do you not see them under the session on their site? I am also finishing up a blog post that I plan to have it up by the end of this week. All sample code will be posted on my GitHub.

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