PASS Summit 2020 Sessions

I put together a Power BI report that pulls the sessions list from PASS Summit’s web site.

Here is the live report:

You can find the report here as well in case the above embedding does not work.

Power BI, PowerShell , and PowerApps Sessions

I am mostly interested in Power BI, PowerShell, and PowerApps sessions so I created one tab for each group. I found 22 Power BI sessions, 6 PowerShell sessions, and 2 PowerApps sessions.

Some of these sessions are offered more than one time at different time zones. I look forward to attending a good number of these sessions.

Technical Details

The report itself is available here. The only complex step in setting up the report was to figure out the link behind the sessions from PASS’s web site. The sessions themselves are not in a table on any of the pages on PASS’s website and cannot be imported into Power BI directly. Instead they are listed in and pulled from a page from Evert Scribe. With a little bit of digging in the source code (HTML) behind the page (publicly available data), you can find the actual source page to be:″

The rest was easy. The Power BI Transformations are mostly formatting, renaming, and self explanatory.

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