Error running a SQL Server Profiler trace for a Power BI dataset: Either the trace with the ID of ‘MicrosoftProfilerTrace1667261566’ does not exist …

I was trying to trace a dataset I had published to Power BI service using SQL Server Profiler and I was getting this error:

Either the trace with the ID of ‘MicrosoftProfilerTrace1667261566’ does not exist in the server with the ID of ‘autopremiumhostnorthcentralus001-081’, or the user does not have permissions to access the object.

For the reference, I was using SQL Server Profiler v18.12.1. My dataset was in a PPU capacity.

I was able to connect to it with the same user from SSMS, DAX Studio, Tabular Editor, and the ALM Toolkit using the same user and read/write, so I was certain this was not a user permission or XMLA read/write issue.

I was getting the same error even when I specified the dataset name under the Additional Connection Parameters tab using the “Initial Catalog = ….” syntax. It would connect but when I tried to start the trace, I would get the above error message.

Thankfully two people (Christian Wade and Sandeep Pawar) pointed out that I needed to specify the dataset name in the dropdown under the Connection Properties and that solved the problem!

It turns out if you do not specify the database (dataset name), the profiler attempts to start a trace against a node that we do not have access to. Thankfully, the fix is easy! Just select the database (dataset) name from the dropdown.

Note: You need to be working with a Premium or Premium Per User (PPU) capacity to be able to use tools such as SQL Server Profiler and SSMS to connect to a Power BI dataset.

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